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    Hi,<BR>Is there any way I can get a script to completely block off access to a page, with the only access beingb through a log-on page. This means that if the user doesn&#039t go through this page, they can&#039t get access to a form. If they copy and paste the url without going through the logon page, they will be redirected to the logon-page and then, if they fail to logon correctly, redirected to a default page.<BR>Thanx

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    In your login page:<BR><BR>If the user is valid set a session variable equal to a value and then redirect to the next page.<BR>At the top of this next page test to see if the session variable is "" or null and if it is redirect them back to the login or allow them to continue if it is set.<BR><BR>Remember to set the session variable back to empty whenever you leave the secure area.<BR><BR>This is very simple way of doing it but works well.<BR><BR>Hope this has helped<BR>James

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