In my case, i allowed the user to choose the mth eg Feb 2000 then it will retrieve a list of available Excel files.<BR>After the user click on Send to Print, by right it will print out all the reports.<BR><BR>Now is i do not know how to print out from the client side as in my ASP.. my code is as follows<BR><BR>Set xlBook = excelObj.Workbooks.Open(fPath,0,ReadOnly)<BR>xlBoo k.PrintOut<BR>excelObj.Workbooks.close<BR>excelobj .application.quit<BR>set excelObj=nothing<BR><BR>the line xlBook.PrintOut doesn&#039t work... as it keep giving me the error .. printer not found..<BR><BR>anyone help .. any ways of printing out from the client side as a background process..<BR>thanx<BR>