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    Rick King Guest

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    I have a site that has a bunch of include files. THe problem is that whenever i try to click on a link that uses an include file, a get an error that says it can&#039t find the .inc file. It&#039s the same problem with all my include files. The spelling is fine and i&#039ce rebooted my cpu several times.<BR><BR>I made mi include files using notepad and saving them as .inc<BR><BR>What could be the problem?<BR><BR>Any help would be great!<BR>THanks,<BR>Rick

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    fl1rt Guest

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    sounds to me like a PATH problem. They really can&#039t be found as the pointer to the file is probably set incorrectly<BR><BR>Do they work locally on your development machine and fail when on your net server?

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    Rick King Guest

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    Actually, what i noticed is that whenever i make the .inc file with notepad and save it as a .inc, it still associates it with notepad as a text file. I can;t prevent this from happening. I noticed when i download other include files they are not associated with any program and so they are found and work. It&#039s only when i make it with notepad this happens. Which program can i use so that it is not a text file?

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    Try saving them as "" with the quotes. Without them notepad automatically makes your file .txt

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