DES, BlowFish, MD5, SkipJack, etc.

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Thread: DES, BlowFish, MD5, SkipJack, etc.

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    Christiaan Guest

    Default DES, BlowFish, MD5, SkipJack, etc.

    I&#039m working on an encryption-module for a web-site. We need some powerful encryption to prevent people from hacking into parts of the site they are not allowed to see. I&#039m looking for some good example scripts (or just scripts with some comments, not those vague scripts without any form of help) from one of the following encryptions:<BR><BR>-DES (or Triple DES)<BR>-BlowFish,<BR>-MD5 (or 4)<BR>-SkipJack<BR><BR>Also: is there someone who knows how to increase the key-length of the RSA-encryption standard. <BR>Also 2: I need a good hash algorithm to create hashes. Any ideas?

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    v0nx Guest

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    Use ASPencrypt, for DES / RC2, pretty simple to use with example code...NDSPGP.dll, a com interface to the PGP SDK also has much of this functionality, with a bit more in the way of a standard PKI implementation (public / private keys for e-mail, standard PGP, etc...). <BR>As for ASP code to perform these functions, this link is an article on RC4 (or the royalty free pseudo-RC4).<BR>Personally, I tend to avoid using script-based algorithms, for speed and security&#039s sake. I prefer to use components / ActiveX servers coded in C++ or VB mainly for the sake of speed.<BR>The implementation you mention, anti-hacking is really better achieved by other means, I guess you want to do some kind of dynamic encryption / decryption of content on serving. <BR>The MD5 hash algorithm is the de-facto standard and is pretty good cryptologically, it would serve to provide excellent validation for any file. <BR>For the best discussion on encryption algorithms and the code necessary to develop them, see Applied Cryptography by Bruce Schneier or<BR>

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