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    Hy,<BR><BR>I want my application to send emails when clicking on a button. I work with IIS. How can I do it? Have I to add a new ASP component or IIS has got one? <BR>I don&#039t know how to do so please help me.<BR>thanks for your help<BR> Bye<BR>

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    One way is to use the standard CDONTS.NewMail object. This works fine on IIS but not PWS.<BR>Or you can look into an excellent product called AspEmail from, the product work on both IIS and PWS.<BR>Here is a sample for CDONTS:<BR>Set objNewMail = CreateObject("CDONTS.NewMail")<BR>objNewMail.From = ""<BR>objNewMail.To = ""<BR>objNewMail.Subject = "test"<BR>objNewMail.Body = "Don&#039t forget to feed the cats!"<BR>intMsgImportance = 0 &#039Low<BR>objNewMail.Send<BR>If you want user to click a buttom to send the mail, just include the above code in another asp page, and let the buttom to active that page.<BR>Thomas

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