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    Fion Guest

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    I&#039m using a self-referencing page with one form.<BR>the form is generated and filled with values retrieved from the database according to what the user selects in a dropdown list. This part is triggered by an onChange with a form.submit() I need to allow the user to edit the entries on the form and click on update(if it is an edit) or submit(if it is a new entry) to insert into the table.<BR><BR>Currently, trying to track the stages of the submit() but not successful. Is there a way to do this or any other recommended ways to go about doing this?<BR>Your help will be greatly appreciated.<BR>Thanks in advance

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    toby_2 Guest

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    if you set a hidden input field in your form with name="submit_value".<BR>Then call a javasript function from your submit buttons that sets the hidden input field to the value of the button pressed. i.e. "update" or "submit"<BR><BR>eg<BR><BR>function sendForm(submit_value)<BR>{<BR>document.forms[&#039formname&#039].submit_value = submit_value;<BR>document.forms[&#039formname&#039].submit():<BR>}<BR><BR>is called as a JavaScript function<BR>when user selects edit...<BR>sendForm("edit")<BR>submit...<BR>sendFo rm("submit")<BR><BR><BR><BR>haven&#039t tested this...for info purposes only :)

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