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Thread: Passing Arrays to different page

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    Bimad Guest

    Default Passing Arrays to different page

    Need to pass two dimensional arrays values from one page to another.

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    Default RE: Passing Arrays to different page

    Hi,<BR>You can pass a two dimensional array values using session array.<BR>Just make that array a session array.<BR>- Nikhil

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    Anil Kumar T Guest

    Default But how to retrieve an array from Client ?

    Hi Nikhil, Fine what u said is ok. But how to retrieve or get an array from client to server. for ref. goto :"" c the code. I&#039m trying to get a set of values from the user. i&#039m getting from the user but i&#039m not able to send to server, i mean i dont know how to retrieve from the client. Pl. try to help me in this.<BR>mail me at:""<BR>ThanX in advance, any help, suggesstions are appreciated.

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