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    Hi There!!<BR><BR> I haven&#039t as yet come across any article that gives a detailed explanation as to how the online shopping process is implemented. I mean stuff like having an Online store to display the products right upto the checkout process (Online Store - Shopping Basket - Checkout) is OK, but what about after that? What happens after that?<BR><BR> I would appreciate if anyone could explain this in an article giving sufficient examples<BR><BR> Thanks<BR>

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    The Processing of the cart is not discussed alot. there are tons of articles on making shopping carts that will hold there items throughout their session. The Checkout process is just taking the users data (Billing and Shipping) then you need to insert that data into a table in a database with a unique customer id. I did this by generating 20 char long alpha numberic strings. Then I inserted that data into a Table called Customer with the CustomerID as the Primary key. Then i ran through the data in the shopping cart putting it into a table called orders with a customer ID using the key generated that i also inserted into the CustomerID field in the Customers table. In the process i also did real time UPS calculation and processesd the CreditCart in realtime so no creditcards are stored in the database. But when you are taking the customers information you need to validate the info and then process it. after the order was done i sent an EMail to the Customer giving them their Customer order number and details on how to track there order. Then I sent an email to the store owner telling them that a new order has been recieved and it gives them a link that they click on and then it takes them to the order and pulls all the info. then they have a chance to put the UPS tracking number in which allows the customer to track their order...<BR><BR>this is just a description on how the process goes. Im not sure about examples.. im sure 4guys and asp101 etc have many examples.. also I know A.Shopkart has free source so you could look at these...<BR>i hope this helps a little..<BR><BR>Wesley<BR>

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