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    bottie Guest

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    Hi,...<BR><BR>I want to make a survey/voting application, the input is from email not from the web. Does anybody has the code or reference for that ? Thanks a lot<BR><BR>best regards,

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    fl1rt Guest

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    I never though of having a voting by email!<BR><BR>have you done any voting software at all ?<BR><BR>I think in this case you will need to present the question in the email with a list of possible answers.<BR><BR>each of those answers has a URL that contains querystring informtion.<BR><BR>The URL points to your voting script.<BR><BR>the variables in the string are probably as follows:-<BR><BR>1) Question ID<BR>2) Answer ID<BR><BR>eg:<BR><BR>What Day comes after Saturday ?<BR><BR>a) FRIDAY<BR><BR><BR>b) SUNDAY<BR><BR><BR><BR>c) MONDAY<BR><BR><BR>

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