Old session.SessionId persists even after session

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Thread: Old session.SessionId persists even after session

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    I have developed an E-Commerce storefront which makes use of session variables. For every user a basket is generated in the database with a basketid which depends on the value of session.SessionId.<BR> Once a shopping is over, I have used the session.abandon to expire the session and clear the session variables. <BR> Now when the user begins a new shopping session, a new basket is generated. But this new basket is still dependent on old session.SessionId.<BR> I want to get a new session.SessionId for the new basket. What could be the problem. I have also used the global.asa file.<BR> Someone please reply me with a solution.<BR>My E-Mail : k_prabhu6@hotmail.com

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    Go to MSDN.Microsoft.com and read about sessions and sessionIDs.<BR>The way you seem to be using them will give you problems.<BR>A sessionID is only unique for current users, when a session expires, the SessionID can be reused.<BR><BR><BR>Andrew<BR><BR>

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