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    Fion Guest

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    Can an action such as a click on a drop down list trigger another event such as a retrieval from a database without using submit?<BR><BR>Please help..this is important<BR>Thanks in advance

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    JohnJoe Guest

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    Fion,<BR>I also wondered how you could do this ????<BR>There is a repsonse for the same question on the 24th which says<BR><BR>"The following example causes the browser to reload the document every two seconds. <BR><BR>&#060;META HTTP-EQUIV="REFRESH" CONTENT=2&#062;<BR><BR>this is from the MSDN disk"<BR><BR>I haven&#039t checked this yet but I hope it works ...<BR><BR>Cheers<BR><BR>JohnJoe

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    v0nx Guest

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    Yup, easiest way to do this is through remote scripting + a bit of javascript. In the onchange event of the drop-down (or onblur for a text box) you would call a javascript function which could use an asp page (through remote scripting) as a processor for the passed information, which would then be fed back into the page (again using DHTML). Alternatively, you could pass the variable to an asp page in a hidden frame which again processes and returns information (this is what we do in sites such as, which being based on Flash cannot refresh entire page content)<BR>

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