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    MonKeyJeff Guest

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    I have a question.<BR>In ASP, is it possible to stop processing the server script halfway, and wait for the user to do something (e.g. press a button) and then continue?<BR><BR>Any help would be appreciated.<BR>Thanks!

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    milind Guest

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    &#060;% response.end %&#062; is what u r prbbbly looking for . <BR>if no then tell me exactly what do u want ?

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    MonKeyJeff Guest

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    Is it possible to continue after a Response.End?<BR>Let&#039s say there&#039s some more code after Response.End<BR>Then some event occurs like clicking a button<BR>and the process will continue.<BR><BR>

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    milind Guest

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    u can&#039t eat the cake and have it too ! <BR>u want the script to stop execution . how can it " possible to continue after a Response.End? " ?<BR><BR>as for the button clicked , u execute that part seperatly . this is normal programming of handling events and nothing to do with earlier called Response.End . <BR><BR>hope i&#039m clear

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    MonKeyJeff Guest

    Default Well I was hoping :)

    Deep down I knew that it&#039s not possible (according to my knowledge), but then again, I thought somebody might know something I don&#039t know. Oh well...!<BR>Thanks for taking the time to reply, though!

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