Webcom Consultancy, a UK based Web consultancy firm is now looking for small or medium project based contracts working from our premise on the Isle of Wight, UK.<BR><BR>We specialise in Active Server Pages, HTML, JavaScript, D-HTML, SQL7.0 and include Design Conceptualisation and Internet Marketing.<BR><BR>We also have a number of NT consultants available for hire at current market rates.<BR><BR>All work is fully guaranteed and we have worked for some large companies including, devnet-uk limited (www.devnet-uk.net), Chello BroadBand (www.chello.com, www.chello.nl, www.chello.fr, www.chello.be, www.chello.de, www.chello.se, www.chello.com.au), Thesaurus Group of Companies (NKA Invaluable) (www.invaluable.com) and Scottish Hydro Electric (www.hydro.co.uk).<BR><BR>For more information, please Email sales@webcom-consultancy.co.uk outlining brief requirements and we will reply with a quote asap.<BR><BR>Location is not a problem, we have freelance consultants available all over Europe and can arrange for one to visit you if necessary.<BR><BR>Regards,<BR><BR>C. Crawley<BR><BR>Wecom Consultancy<BR>http://www.webcom-consultancy.co.uk<BR><BR>