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    Hi, <BR>I know how to register and unregister COM dll, but everytime i unregister a dll, I have to restart my computer before i could delete the old dll file. Is there any other way to do it without restarting my computer? I want to be able to unregister and then register the new dll and use it without restarting, this will help me debug my code faster... please help..<BR><BR>Ron

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    You have to stop IIS so it will free up the DLL...<BR>so go to the dos prompt and<BR><BR>do a <BR>c:
    et stop iisadmin /y<BR>c:mtxstop<BR><BR>now delete the dll and replace it with your new one.<BR><BR>now do this<BR>c:
    et start w3svc<BR><BR>ok now ur ready to test your dll again...<BR><BR>no reboots.. you might wanna just write a batch file to do this...like netstart.bat and netstop.bat<BR><BR>hehe<BR>welp happy coding..<BR>Wesley<BR>

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