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    shibaram Guest

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    i am a developer working for a portal and i have one doubt regarding &#060;SELECT&#062; object.<BR><BR>Let us assume we have to combo boxes. one for a standard (e.g. 1st standard) and another section(e.g Section A). both the data come from the database. for standard 1 i have 4 sections (a,b,c,d) and standard 2 i have 3 sections (a,b,c). i want that on selection of standard 1 the content of section combo box section should chage accordingly.<BR><BR>now i am not able to do that.<BR><BR>i want urgent help and hope u will help me.<BR><BR>shibaram

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    fl1rt Guest

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    I&#039d help if I could but I&#039m struggling to understand the question having read it several times. the last sentance is quite confusing.<BR><BR>can you explain a little more ?<BR>what sort of select are you using now?<BR><BR>do you want something like...<BR><BR>"SELECT * FROM TABLENAME where" & _<BR>" (standard=" & request.form("standard") & _<BR>" section=" & request.form("section") & _<BR>" );"<BR><BR><BR>I don&#039t know?<BR><BR>or alternatively if you have an example URL, mail me<BR>

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