Hi,<BR>I have a asp page which has to use the textarea field. I want to format the text that goes inthe textarea and having a tough time. Some of the text in the textarea itself is dynamically generated. <BR>Example:<BR>I am sending an email out to customers about some products. I want the text in the text area to appear like:<BR>Click on the following to get more information on products<BR> http://www.mysite.com/products/ref=2345&prod=1234<BR> http://www.mysite.com/products/ref=2345&prod=1235<BR>More information is available at the site.... etc<BR><BR>The links are dynamically generated and i am having a tough time in getting the newlines, the tabs etc in the textarea box display correctly. <BR>Please post if there is a easy way to handle text in the textarea fields.<BR><BR>Thank you.<BR>Aj