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    Does anyone know how to assign two actions to a submit button in a form - I want to submit the form to an ASP but also have a notification email sent to me at the same time - is it possible?

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    add cdonts to mail yourself in your asp page you submit to

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    Thanks...but I think I had better expand a little..I have a link on my site to FreeDrive, they specify the ASP which is actioned once a new member registers with them, so I can&#039t alter the code of that script - otherwise yeah cdonts would work fine. I don&#039t really want a browser to have to click on another link to email to me - after all I&#039m trying to find out how many (if any) users follow the link to FreeDrive. My host has JMail but I have no idea how to use that either (cdonts seems more logical to me). Any other suggestions?

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    See<BR>This logs to a DB, but you could add/substitute CDONTS or JMAIL.

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    Very many thanks, it works a treat.

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