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    Can anybody let me know if you can call an ASP page within and ASP page. Currently we have to use a request object and pass variables to other pages. Using the same type of code as sub routines.

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    Yes, IIS supports both server.execute and server.transfer. As near as I can tell, the only difference is that the server.transfer does not return control of the output stream to the calling page once the called page is complete.<BR><BR>My experience with these methods was an attempt to offload form processing from a main page to reduce the line-by-line compile time. Unfortunately, *No Page Level Variables Are Passed Between ASP Scripts*, so it was impossible for me to use with my processing model.<BR><BR>You should also be warned that a server.transfer does *Not* update server variables such as request.serverVariables("URL") which may cause errors in your data flow if you&#039ve got some self-submission (Introversial S&M?) forms.<BR><BR>Sorry about the S&M comment, it&#039s just that -- with all of these "Submit!" buttons -- I get the distinct impression that my job is just a big, twisted game of Client and Server...<BR><BR>And yes, that entire line of thought was a joke. But the server.transfer and .execute function information was real. Honest.

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