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    Ben Roy Guest

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    I&#039m kind of wondering about copyrights and use of copyrighted code. I normally just look at examples on this site, maybe cut and paste a line or 2, and make up the rest on my own. I&#039ve come across a situation now where I would like to use a file that was posted as an example in one of the articles on this site. Normally I&#039d do the same thing, except that we are talking over 500 lines of code here. Now this is going to involve extensive cutting/re-writing on my part, but I want to start with the already copywrited product that was posted. Since it&#039s for a client I really don&#039t want to leave existing copyright info in the file...<BR><BR>Is there a % that needs to be changed in order for it to become my own work or how does that work? Anyone have any thoughts on this? I imagine this is a bit of a subjective question, but I&#039m looking for whatever perspective people can offer.

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    SPG Guest

    Default Perl Artistic License would probably be a good standard. I can&#039t speak for the individual copyright holders, but afaic the artistic license gives sufficient ground to anybody to use what they pick up here without serious threat of legal issues in the future.<BR><BR>Personally, I would add an 11th clause stating that "If you become disgustingly weathly because you learned from code I wrote, you will share some of the wealth with me.", but that&#039s just me...<BR><BR>Sick story: I recieved an invitation email to attend a Microsoft training seminar -- and they had put the email under a EULA!

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