I am receiving an Error ASP0177- 800401f3 "Invalid class string"<BR>Here is what I am attempting:<BR><BR>-I have an Access DB that I copied to the server and added to the Server OBDC System DSN.<BR>-Created an Activex DLL in VB 6.0.<BR>-I was able to use functions in the DLL via VB 6.0 standard EXE.<BR>-ON the server I registered the DLL using Regsvr32.exe. Got successful MSG.<BR>-Added the object(DLL) via Management Console Packaging and installed the component.<BR><BR>Here is the asp code I created using Notepad that is causing the error:<BR><BR>&#060;%<BR><BR>&#039Declare variables.<BR>Dim obj<BR>dim x <BR>set obj = Server.CreateObject("summary.eus")<BR>x = obj.Listem()<BR>&#039Response.write(x(0))<BR>&#039 ************<BR>%&#062;<BR> <BR>Is their any other things I must do?<BR><BR>Thanks