I have a table the essentially consists of row_num,quantity,price,total<BR><BR>As I build the table a create onchange events for each instance of quantity and price. It works fine. Each input box is named something like "quantity"&rownum which yields quantity1 through<BR>quantity10. price and total are named in the same way.<BR><BR>I&#039d rather create the onchange events to call a subroutine.<BR>onchange="calc_total(row_num)"<BR>< BR>sub calc_total(row_num)<BR> document.form.total(&row_num).value = document.form.quantity(&row_num).value * document.form.price(&row_num).value <BR>end sub<BR><BR><BR><BR>The problen is that although I can create a string the looks like<BR>document.form.total1.value = document.form.quantity2.value * document.form.price2.value,<BR>it&#039s all being interpreted as literal strings rather than the values of the objects.<BR><BR><BR>It&#039s a pretty simple idea, though I may not have presented it well. Any ideas ?<BR><BR>In the mean time, I&#039m using the first technique.<BR><BR>Doug<BR>