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    How can I pull web web site items (i.e.-graphic item) from a common folder that multiple web sites (on a single IIS server) can access, and add a corresponding hyperlink to that item ?<BR><BR>Example:<BR>A website ABC123.com has a graphic that has a hyperlink to 1111.com. That graphic is in a folder called "images" - whic is accessable by any of the sites in the /inetpub/wwwroot folder.<BR><BR>Now, a website XYZ123.com has the same graphic as ABC123.com BUT is hyperlinked to 9999.com.<BR><BR>Instead of making multiple copies of the same graphic in each web site folder, I want to pull the graphic from one shared folder ("images" folder) and attach the corresponding hyperlink to it.<BR><BR>Your help is greatly appreciated !<BR>Thanks,<BR>Nick

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    I did this sort of thing with my include files... You&#039ll have to make a wrapper ASP at the web-server level (as per the new column about Serving Dynamic Images from Static Pages) which opens the binary image at the FSO level and passes that content along. <BR><BR>It&#039s also a creative way to put certain things out of reach -- though be warned that it *is* a resource hog. So don&#039t try it with 30MB .ppt files... ;-)

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