Our product manager has made a seemingly simple request ... he would like our Web application to be able to help agents write form letters. This means that when an agent clicks on a button on a Web page, Microsoft Word should open up with a letter that&#039s customized for the recipient (e.g., the letter should begin "Dear Ms. Johnson").<BR><BR>This part isn&#039t too hard. We think we can do that (esp. after finding http://www.asptoday.com/articles/19990825.htm on the Web) ... The hard part is that he then wants the agent to be able to edit the document inside Microsoft Word and *be able to save*. This means when the user closes, saves, or prints, they&#039re asked whether they want this letter to be included with the customer record in the database. This means, of course, that the document needs to be sent back to the server.<BR><BR>Does anyone have any suggestions for me here? The only things I can think of are kludges:<BR><BR>1. Have a VBA script inside the Word document that saves the document to the network. The server would poll the target directory periodically and place files that are found here into the database. This is ugly and full of problems (including: how do you get access to the file server?)<BR><BR>2. Have a VBA script inside Word that would open up a URL and submit the document to a Web page. Better than the above, but I don&#039t know if this is even possible. Can Word take control of IE through automation? That would be really weird.<BR><BR>3. Write an ActiveX control that&#039s a container for Word, let the user edit the document, send directly back to the server. I don&#039t know how feasible this is ... There&#039s got to be an easier way!<BR><BR>Thanks in advance!<BR><BR>Jen