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Thread: Anybody interested in moving to a new messageboard

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    Default Anybody interested in moving to a new messageboard

    Hi...<BR><BR>I&#039ve been having a lot of problems with this messageboard. The font is too small and the threads are not logically grouped. There is no email notification option and it&#039s lacking in some other areas too. <BR><BR>If you&#039re interested in potential new messageboard with features like email notification, larger text, faster server, etc , let me know and I&#039d be happy to set one up!!!<BR><BR>Please respond to Thanks<BR><BR>-S

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    Corin Guest

    Default Nah, this one works well

    I love the way the message threads are set-up. If you want to know when your messages are answered just do a search for your postings. Yeah email notification would be cool but there&#039s no real need for it if you visit the site on a regular basis

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    Default RE: Nah, this one works well

    but, that&#039s just you. Not everyone visits this site on a daily basis, I don&#039t have the time to do so even if I wanted to. Therefore, having an email option is an excellent method for notifying users when their messages have been responded to.<BR><BR>Thank You,<BR><BR>Thomas Whalen<BR><BR>

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