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    Hi!<BR><BR>I have checked the FAQ and it&#039s not the answer I am looking for. <BR><BR>The program I am working on which has three recordset: I found matched records and unmatched records with two recordset. Then I need to combined them into the thrid one. Before output, I need to sort the 3rd recordset with a column. I have tried the "Sort" property of the recordset but I got error message.<BR><BR>So, how can I sort a recordset, not using SQL statement when created?<BR><BR>Thanks.

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    Can&#039t you use IRDER BY when you&#039re joining the first two recordsets into the third eg<BR><BR>SELECT recordsetA.field1, recordsetB.field2 WHERE recordsetA.primarykey=recordsetB.primarykey ORDER BY recordsetA.field1, recordsetB.field2 <BR><BR>hth<BR><BR>Franco<BR><BR>i know so little yet want so much

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