How to prevent 'linefeed' after writeline?

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Thread: How to prevent 'linefeed' after writeline?

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    Tomas Rodhe Guest

    Default How to prevent 'linefeed' after writeline?

    I have a java-applet to draw a line graph.<BR>The data in the graph is taken from a text file.<BR>I want use:<BR>Set FSO = Server.CreateObject("scripting.FileSystemObject")< BR>Set minFil = FSO.CreateTextFile("c:... est.txt", true)<BR>minFil.Writeline chr(34) & ("test") & chr(34)<BR>...<BR>minFil.Writeline("5") & " " & ("85")<BR><BR>After the last writeline I get a linefeed - the applet don´t like that and ignores the last entry...<BR>How do I prevent the linefeed?<BR>

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    RKGundi Guest

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    Try using minfil.Write

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