Hi all,<BR><BR>I have stumbled on this message board today, it&#039s nicely done. It would seem that you all know very well your way inside server side scripting, which is why I contact you. I hope you have a couple of minutes for me, I would appreciate any suggestions you make.<BR><BR>Please allow me to explain what I&#039m trying to accomplish: a friend who has a small mailing list (private person, not a company) has asked me to develop a small ASP application that shows requested url&#039s all through one website (I suppose to see the effect of the small advertising efforts he obtains). It should approximately do something like this:<BR><BR>1. In the email is a link to e.g. http://www.myfriendsite.com/browse.asp?url=http://www.example.com <BR>The user clicks on it.<BR><BR>2. The browse.asp application then gets the demanded url http://www.example.com and shows it through the www.myfriendsite.com webserver. Any existing hyperlinks in the retrieved page should also be modified to the same form, so that if a user clicks on one it is also retrieved through browse.asp on my friend&#039s site. <BR><BR>I hope I manage to explain myself clear enough... I have managed to work something out based on an existing piece of software (AspHTTP 3.53), but this gives only the webpage without any graphical content. In the ideal case it should be transparant for the user, he should see the same website as the original one.<BR><BR>Do you know of other existing tools that can assist me in accomplishing this? Or a similar approach in PERL? Or is something like a &#039reversed proxy&#039 possible? Because I have reached my limit, I am not yet a developer, I am still attending college (http://www.groept.be/T/eng/eng.html). Here at Netmining I am the apprentice for six weeks each year to obtain some practical experience ;-)<BR><BR>Well, in any case, thank you for your time, and I really hope you are willing to provide new insight for me. Thank you!