i m trying 2 receive mail using CDONT ...here is my code..<BR>dim displayName, emailAddress<BR>dim mySession, myInbox, myMessages, myMessage<BR>dim messageIndex<BR> displayName = "dinbandhu_gauda"<BR> emailAddress = "administrator@test"<BR> set mysession = CreateObject ("cdonts.session")<BR> mySession.LogonSMTP displayName,emailAddress<BR> set myInbox=mySession.inbox<BR> set myMessages=myInbox.Messages<BR> if myMessages.count=0 then<BR> msgbox("sorry no message in ur inbox")<BR> else<BR> msgbox("yaa message in ur inbox") <BR> set myMessage=myMessages.Item(messageIndex)<BR> end if<BR><BR><BR>i m getting that no message in inbox...<BR>so can u plz tell me what should be displayname and emailaddress <BR>i had tried lot 2 make it ..but it doesn&#039t ..so plz reply me....<BR>