I&#039ve created an ASP file that collects data from a form and emails it to our college print shop using the "newmail" object. In addition to the form responses, my users need to be able to attach a file for the print shop to print their order from. I&#039m using the AttachFile method to accomplish this... HOWEVER ... there is a problem... When the ASP file executes it chokes when it reaches the AttachFile line with an "Unspecified Error 80004005".<BR>If I comment out the line (and so eliminate the attachment) the script runs great. The code I&#039m using is as follows:<BR> Dim objMailer<BR> Set objMailer = CreateObject("CDONTS.Newmail")<BR> objMailer.From = From<BR> objMailer.To = Rcpt<BR> objMailer.Subject = Subject<BR> objMailer.Body = Body<BR> objMailer.AttachFile(Request.From("mailattachment" ))<BR> objMailer.Send<BR> Set objMailer = Nothing<BR><BR>What is missing here that keeps the script from running without errors?