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Thread: want to know the NT login name

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    manoj Guest

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    hi,<BR>iam working in intranet project, where different users can login to the site. as the site is protected, and the user needs to fill in that login name and password,( which NT authenticates and lets user to surf thru the site), i need to trap that login name. eg. try visiting http://sarlacc.organic.com/ it will ask u for loginname and password, i want to trap that loginname. <BR>can anyone suggest me how to do it..<BR><BR>thanks for ur support.<BR>mhardasa@organic.com

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    SPG Guest

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    Using the IIS Manager, set a file to have Basic Authentication (no "Anonymous Access" or "Challenge/Response"). Note that unless you use SSL, the user&#039s NT password will constantly be being sent in clear text between their machine and the site... But this works (99.99% of the time) for all browsers.<BR><BR>My question is, if the user wants to log out (without closing the browser), how do you clear the Login_Name?

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