I need to do 3 queries that call different data in a section of the page . I currently do it as:<BR><BR>Query 1 here<BR>Set oRs = dataConn.Execute<BR><BR>Query 2 here<BR>Set oRsA = dataConn.Execute<BR><BR>Query 3 here<BR>Set oRsB = dataConn.Execute<BR><BR>My questions are:<BR>1. I feel I doing something wrong by needing to create a new recordset object each time. Is there a more efficient way? Some of the data is nested so I can&#039t loop through oRs and then reassign it. Is this normal for those of you who have done this awhile? Or have I missed something?<BR><BR>2. Do I then need to explicity close every one of them?<BR><BR>Thank you!