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    Matteus Guest

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    I would like to upgrade my site to SQL Server. Currently I am using a microsoft Access database file thru a system DSN. I know that Microsoft Access 2000 has a wizard to convert the tables, but I am concerned about the changes I would have to make to my ASP code. In general (if possible :) what changes are needed. I am trying to find this out before investing money in SQL Server, and before I continue to develop even more code that would need to be upgraded.<BR><BR>Thanks much,<BR>Matt

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    SPG Guest

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    I did this recently... It&#039s pretty easy, but watch out for the following:<BR><BR>1) Date Casting (with #) doesn&#039t work -- SQL Server wants a &#039, as if the date were a string.<BR>2) True is 1, False is 0. There is no other True or False.<BR>3) Use of VBScript (lCase and the like) is not supported -- it has to be converted to SQL Standard ( LOWER and the like).<BR>4) Blending of columns ((dDate & &#039 -- &#039 & sName) as BOB) isn&#039t so easy. It should look like ((CAST(dDate as varChar(20)) + &#039 -- &#039 + sName) as BOB) or something along those lines...<BR><BR>I think that&#039s all I&#039ve run into... oh, and if you import A2K into SQl Server 7, your tables will probably lose their key information, their autonumbering capabilities, and maybe some other stuff I didn&#039t notice (but you can add it all back in from the SQL Server Admin tools)... so now you&#039re warned.

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