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    Hello, I am very new to asp and I have created a database using Access 2000 and saved it as an asp page. I can view the table data on my web site but I can&#039t edit it. What do I need to do to edit the data from the web site? Thanks for any help.<BR><BR>Belinda

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    There are serveral steps to actually editing the database.<BR>1. Creating the database-sounds like its done<BR>2. creating an ODBC source to the database-see database discussion<BR>3. Creating some method (like a form) to enter the new data in<BR>4. Creating an asp page that will take the form data you entered, find the appopriate record, and replace the data, piece by piece.<BR><BR>If you are brand new to this, start listening in to the database discussion, it will probably be informative.<BR><BR>good luck!

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