I am trying to retrieve a 2 dimensional array from a cookie.<BR>The values of the array are strings, the first being a url, the second being a description of the url.<BR><BR>Thus, the data coming in takes the form;<BR>"a.htm=Site0 b.htm=Site1 c.htm=Site2 d.htm=Site3"<BR><BR>This is what I have come up with to split it up;<BR><BR> FirstSplit = split (Unload , " ")<BR> Max=UBound(FirstSplit)-1<BR> <BR> Redim Prefs(Max,1)<BR> for a=0 to Max<BR>Temp2 = FirstSplit(a)<BR>Temp3 = split (Temp2 , "=")<BR>TopPrefs(a,0)=Temp3(0)<BR>TopPrefs(a,1)=Te mp3(1)<BR> Next<BR> <BR>The result I want is (with reference to the above data)<BR>TopPrefs(0,0)=a.htm<BR>TopPrefs(0,1)=Site 0<BR>TopPrefs(1,0)=b.htm<BR>TopPrefs(1,1)=Site1<BR >TopPrefs(2,0)=c.htm<BR>TopPrefs(2,1)=Site2<BR>Top Prefs(3,0)=d.htm<BR>TopPrefs(3,1)=Site3<BR><BR>... etc<BR><BR>Thanks in advance...<BR>