Help!! this is driving me around the bend. part of my code is as shown below. Connecting to an Access database and updating fields no problem. Except for the "cv" field (declared as a memo field in the database). Works fine as it is but only for upto 255 charactersI want to increase the number of characters from 255 to say when I change the size parameter below (last line) to 2000 I get "Invalid Precision Value" error 80040e21.<BR>Does this mean I can&#039t have more than 255 characters in my CV field???<BR>TIA<BR><BR><BR><BR>CommandObject.Param eters.Append _<BR> CommandObject.CreateParameter("compressystems",200 , ,255 )<BR> CommandObject.Parameters.Append _<BR> CommandObject.CreateParameter("destexp",200, ,255 ) <BR> CommandObject.Parameters.Append _<BR> CommandObject.CreateParameter("cv",200, ,255, )<BR><BR>