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    rob Guest

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    I changed my permissions on my Virtual Directory<BR>to write. Once i did that, this problem started.<BR>error 80004005 unspecified error. Changing it back did <BR>not<BR>fix the problem. What is very odd is the script will run every 5 <BR>minutes <BR>or so but only one time. After that, error city again. I have done <BR>everything.<BR>Permissions, MS help files, Bulletin Boards, deleted/recreated the <BR>directories,<BR>nothing. One thing I am unclear on is setting the permissions for <BR>IUSR_MACHINE.<BR>Something changed somewhere and just like nt you have to go somewhere <BR>else<BR>to change it back. But where? Do you have anymore suggestions?<BR><BR>Thanks you,<BR><BR>Rob Taylor<BR><BR>Mapping and Cartographic Resources<BR>(Heavily Under Development)

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    80004005 is a database error #. What database are you using? Access, I&#039d assume, since you are tinkering with directory permissions. What is the name of your webserver? Let&#039s say it is named webserver1. Then you want to make sure IUSR_webserver1 has read/write permissions in the directory that your Access db exists.<BR><BR>I really am no expert when it comes to Access & needed permissions; I use SQL much, much more often.

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    Thanks Scott.<BR>I think I am going to go to SQL as well. This Access stuff<BR>gets troublesome. I know i use your boards a lot but I try and answer my fair share as well.<BR><BR>Thanks<BR><BR>Rob Taylor<BR>

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    Rob Speicher Guest

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    The only times I&#039ve seen this sporattic "I&#039ll work now, and then I won&#039t, and then I will" behavior is right after I set up a System DSN on my NT box for an Access Database, a simple reboot fixed the problem. Worth a shot.

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    Tim Westmoreland Guest

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    Check to see that password synchronization is turned off for the account.

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