i have an access database that i can connect to using either dsn or dsnless connections, however a permissions problem is preventing true access to the database. os is NT, database exists on a share.<BR><BR>anyone got any idea as to what NT file permissions need to be set on <BR>a) the asp page ?<BR>b) the share ?<BR>c) the directory / file structure within the share ?<BR><BR>i&#039ve set the IUSR_server (where server is the name of the host IIS server) to have a min of browse access to all 3 - have even gone as far as giving Everyone full control, but still fails when accessing via the share.<BR><BR>if the same connections are set up without using the share (i.e. a direct file location) it works fine - this however is no good as i don&#039t want to host the database on the web server (suprise suprise!)