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    Alkyn Yƶney Guest

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    I wannt to use a messageboard on my website.Can you give me a support to make it a board?Can you send me written codes?<BR>

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    fl1rt Guest

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    sure.<BR>you can have the girlfriend too and I&#039ll pay ya also.<BR>how does unlimited free support sound, 24 hrs a day ?<BR>anything else? :)<BR><BR>seriously.<BR>Don&#039t contemplate developing a message board system unless you are VERY competant.<BR><BR>For a selection of plug and play MessageBoards check out:-<BR><BR><BR><BR>some free code in there to learn from and cheap systems to get you up and running. your spoilt for choice now.<BR><BR>sorry for the sarcasm, but I&#039m all for helping people that get stuck or need a direction or line of thought...<BR>...not the whole thing slapped on a plate for them.

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