Hey folks. I have a password validation page "login.asp." I want it simply to add "INVALID PASSWORD - PLEASE TRY AGAIN" at the top of the -same- page when a user submits an invalid password, instead of going to a second bad_password.html-type page. This is to keep in accordance with the look&feel of an existing webpage.<BR><BR>I have accomplished this by making the page POST to itself on a Submit, using the action="login" arg:<BR><BR>&#060;FORM METHOD="POST" ACTION="login.asp?action=login"&#062;<BR><BR>Here& #039s the VBScript logic that makes this work:<BR>&#039 First time through, action is "" so this is skipped!<BR>action = Request.QueryString("action")<BR>If action = "login" Then<BR>&#039&#060;validate password&#062;<BR>If &#060;invalid password&#062;<BR> Response.Redirect("login.asp?action=failedLogin")< BR>Else<BR> Response.Redirect("the_goods.asp?username=...")<BR >End If<BR>ElseIf action = "failedLogin"<BR> %&#062;Invalid password, please try again&#060;%<BR>EndIf<BR><BR>This seems to work fine, though admittedly a little tricky to follow. I&#039m sorry. I&#039m all ears if someone can suggest a more elegant way to accomplish this! :)<BR><BR>On to my problem. This login.asp is nested deeply inside a bunch of other frames. Furthermore, the_goods.asp was designed to be a new top-level frame, with many subframes. Using Redirect() does not allow me to specify that the_goods.asp needs to become the top-most frame. Instead, I end up with the_goods.asp at the same frame level as login.asp, which is NOT what I want.<BR><BR>I&#039ve tried using a little JavaScrpt and setting top.Location="the_goods.asp", but it doesn&#039t quite work right. Please, help the newbie!<BR><BR>Thanks very much. This list is awesome.<BR>Jeff Ishaq<BR>xxxjeffq@wwg.com (remove xxx)