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    I need to have a button that dynamically generates an Excel spreadsheet with data from a database. I know there are existing third-party solutions - Chili!Reports, but I am using an ISP for my web hosting and they do not curently have a solution. Is there a way - that wouldn&#039t take more than a few days to a week - to create a custom script w/ASP to do this, or is this a task I should "delay".

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    It depends on how Real your spreadsheet needs to be. If you just want static data in an Excel-ish format, try tab-deliming your data (foo(0) & vbTab & foo(1) & vbCrLf & bar(0,0) & vbTab & bar(0, 1) -- etc) and put a &#039response.contentType = "application/vnd.ms-excel"&#039 before any output. It should trick the client browser into accepting your data in Excel format (*should* being the ultra-operative disclaimer -- I did it once, but only once).

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    I found a neat feature of excel 2000 today, if you create an asp page which displays your data in a table, open a new workbook, Go... Data - Get External Data - New Web Query...then enter teh URL of your ASP page, click go and it&#039ll grab everything in your table into a spreadsheet..I used a macro to iterate through A-Z as variables appended to the URL, creating a new sheet for each one.

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