I have taken over maintenance of an ASP web site that is having some major problems. The CPU usage maxes out around 7%, but the server has an autoreboot that is constantly being triggered by (Im told) runaway DLLs. From the names of the DLLs, I believe they are created when templates are called from within the ASP pages. Once the objPage is created, they call:<BR><BR>objPage.LoadTemplate("template.file") <BR><BR>If the ASP code then contains:<BR><BR>objPage.WriteBlock "bodyText", "test" <BR><BR>that would correspond to the template line:<BR><BR>bodyText&#124&#060;p&#062;{{1}}&#060;/p&#062;<BR><BR>and the resulant HTML is: &#060;p&#062;test&#060;/p&#062;<BR><BR>I believe this is a VB type template usage but I do not know enough about it to know for sure.<BR><BR>I have been through the code so many times yet cannot seem to see what is causing this. There are no objects created that are not destroyed, but does the LoadTemplate call above need to be killed? Ive been to a bunch of ASP sites and this method of template usage is just not discussed.<BR><BR>Any other ideas are greatly appreciated. This site will not be up much longer in its current form -- we are going to an AIX platform for most content, so I am just looking or a quick and dirty fix if anyone can suggest one. I have already removed all dynamically created content when it is not necessary, and this has improved performance by reducing the size of the template file 10fold, but the server still has to reboot itself every hour or so during peak times, and performance just lags miserably. <BR><BR>Thanks in advance.<BR><BR>-TJ<BR>