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    ricmiller Guest

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    ok here is the deal I am looking to allow my users to review and rate items on my site (like amazon does books). Is this ASP that I need? how expensive is it? Could I learn it?

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    toby_2 Guest

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    get a copy of "Beginning Active Server Pages" by Wrox<BR>And in a few months you&#039ll be able to do it.<BR><BR>Else<BR>Pay me 10 grand, and i&#039ll do it for ya

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    Have you got $1 billion? Guest

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    ASP is free if you get NT 4.0. (Actually, Personal Web Server is free for Win98, but it won&#039t work for any serious site.)<BR><BR>But if you are asking questions like this, you need to go read a book or two on how ASP works. What you are asking for is possible--not even *overly* difficult--but probably means you need a few months of programming experience, minimum, to make it usable and worthwhile.<BR><BR>And don&#039t forget that, to make an effective site, this means you need to be versed in HTML and client-side JavaScript as well. And a little SQL won&#039t hurt, for maintaining the database. ASP is not a *difficult* technology, but it *is* a detailed one. If you think you already know how to do all the browser-side stuff pretty well, then sure, I&#039d go for it. But if you need to learn HTML and JS and.... well, be prepared for a learning curve.

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    ricmiller Guest

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    hey thanks for the info. I know html fairly well and I even know a little about databasing with asp but when it comes to the user being able to review a product I am lost. I will get those books that you guys suggested because I have niether 10 g&#039s or 1 billion. (

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    ricmiller Guest

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    Oh yeah one more thing. It seems to me that someone would make a WYSIWYG program for this. It would be nice if all I had to do was to import my data to make it pertain to my products (or campgrounds in my case). Is there such a monster?

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    There are products that allow you to produce your own ASP-based catalogs pretty easily, but the "online review" concept is a little new, so no surprise if nobody has done it. <BR><BR>On the other hand, compared to a catalog it&#039s pretty easy. <BR><BR>I suspect that, based on what you said, you could do it reasonably quickly after reading a good book. You might also consider the book by our esteemed host, Scott Mitchell, as noted in the left hand column here. (Teach Yourself ASP in 21 Days)<BR><BR>If you feel competent in *any* programming language (HTML doesn&#039t count, but JavaScript could), you might also want to skip the beginning books and go for Wrox&#039s "Professional ASP". If you can possibly look at the books in a bookstore, it would be better than buying "blind" online.<BR><BR>

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