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    Hi,<BR> <BR>I am working with a software company and we&#039re getting ready to write the middle-ware for an application in ASP. The back end is a SQL database, and the front end is a DHTML user interface. We&#039re hesitant about using ASP because we&#039re not sure of the amount of traffic our ASP pages will be able to handle without getting bogged down. Does anyone know anything about ASP scalability or a resource that I can look at? We&#039re also considering using Java Servlets for the middle ware. Does anyone know of any advantages one might have over the other, or any references to a Servlet AND/OR ASP performance analysis?<BR><BR>Please reply to me:<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Denise<BR> <BR><BR>

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    1) Your scalability is only as good as your code. If you&#039re not used to coding ASP, it won&#039t scale. If you&#039re not used to coding Java servlets, I wouldn&#039t count on them scaling, either.<BR><BR>2) ASP scalability is greatly enhanced by not using ASP. (You can quote me on that.) If you move your massive quantities of scripted routines into COM+ objects, you&#039ll see vastly enhanced scalability.<BR><BR>3) has a book on Java Servlets --<BR>(it was at the top of their home page, so I figured I might as well pass it on...)<BR>

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