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    May be, somebody can help me to get the idea, how I can create database for Timesheet ( to save time of every day for every person, for every project and every kind of job). Any help and advise will be appreciated. Thank you.

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    Hello,<BR><BR>I designed such a system for someone once. It ended up being just an access database application but the design was solid.<BR><BR>This system was originally designed for a surveyor&#039s office where I had to keep track of Multiple clients each with multiple sites. Also multiple tasks, jobs, types of work could be done by each employee. I had a bunch of tables all linked together. <BR><BR>Employees <BR>* employee ID INT<BR>* employee Name<BR>* employee chargeoutrate <BR><BR>Clients<BR>* ClientID<BR>* ClientName<BR>* ClientBillingInfo<BR><BR>CLIENT_SITES --this allows us to tie more than one client to a site<BR>* CLientID<BR>* SiteID<BR><BR>Sites --the actual information about any given site<BR>* Site ID<BR>* Site Location<BR>* Site Description<BR><BR>Jobs/Types of Work --this is just a list of all possible duties<BR>* JobID<BR>* JobDescription<BR><BR>Employee Work<BR>* WorkID <BR>* EmployeeID<BR>* ClientID<BR>* SiteID<BR>* JobID<BR>* Notes<BR>* Time<BR>* Date<BR><BR>Hope this helps :)<BR>if you need a more complete description please ask. <BR><BR>Scott S

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