Hi <BR><BR>We are using ASP to talk to a Sybase database via ODBC. I <BR>need to be able to trap errors that occur in the database <BR>and process same in the ASP error handler. Any ideas how?<BR><BR>Example:<BR>Set cn3 = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")<BR>cn3.Ope n Application("db_ConnectionString")<BR>SQL="raiserr or 21000 &#039Error 21000 was raised&#039"<BR>cn3.Execute(sql) <BR><BR>I cannot find any error in cn3.Errors (apparently the ODBC <BR>driver does not support this method), although I can if I <BR>replace line 3 with:<BR>SQL="print &#039Error 21000 was raised&#039"<BR><BR>print statements are useless as that will not enable us to <BR>trap deadlocks and such.<BR><BR>Something tells me I am overlooking the obvious - would <BR>one of you kind folks please enlighten me?<BR><BR>Thanks