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    Smiler Guest

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    Does anyone know if this TakeANumber MTS component actaully exits in MTS as per TECHNET documentation. I can&#039t find it anywhere. I am using MTS 2.0.<BR>Smiler

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    Larrie Guest

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    If you have installed the sample files, then the TakeANumber package will be installed, containing the components.

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    Smiler Guest

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    I did install the sample files i.e. Tic Tac Toe and Bank and have searched through all of the exposed methods but there is no sign of the TakeANumber component... I&#039ve obviously messed up somewhere... any ideas ?<BR><BR>Thanks for your time.

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    Larrie Guest

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    Have a look under C:Program FilesMtsPackages (or where ever you installed MTS) and there should be a file MTS_TakeANumber.dll.<BR>Create a new package in MTS, called TakeANumber and create the components from this DLL.<BR>The properties for the two components are:<BR>TakeANumber - Supports transactions<BR>TakeANumberUpdate - Requires new transaction<BR><BR>Hope this helps...

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