I am developing a web based application which will not be using Session or Application variables. However, I will require to uniquely identify each user&#039s connection as they navigate between various web pages. When a user logs on I want to allocate that user a session id which will be stored on a backend database and also passed between pages on the client side via a hidden field. The client&#039s session id will be compared to the backend session id regularly in order to check that the current user is the legimate user.<BR><BR>I am already using MTS and came across documentation which states that MTS has a component called TakeANumber. However, I have searched through MTS in the MMC and can&#039t find any reference to this component. The documentation was in the MS IIS Resource Guide....<BR><BR>I could write this component myself but hey, if it&#039s already there why should I... only problem is I can&#039t find it and obviously my CreateObject is failing.<BR><BR>Any ideas ?<BR>Thanks.