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    Can anyone give me tips on Error Handling and<BR>Debugging?<BR><BR>For example, what I&#039d like is some kind of error<BR>log when I&#039m testing when something crashes. Can<BR>I create a #include file and put some generic<BR>error handling code in there?<BR><BR>Does one use On Error GOTO as in VB?<BR>Can one have an ON ERROR which applies to <BR>an entire script? (which I&#039d prefer).

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    Error handling in VBScript is too primitive for what you want.<BR><BR>You can do On Error Resume Next, but that just causes VBS to ignore *all* errors until you do On Error GoTo 0 which puts back the normal show-all-errors handling. And that&#039s it. Oh, and if an error does occur while "Resume Next" is in effect, you can look at the Err object to see what it was. But the next error will overwrite the first one, so you have to be careful doing that. <BR><BR>You might want to look in JScript 5, with its much better error handling, if you need to do this on the server side.<BR><BR>I&#039m surprised that whatever book or source you are reading doesn&#039t go into this. Look at for some more info, I believe.<BR><BR>

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