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    I&#039m using asp to process some forms. Sometimes I need to automatically submit the data to the next page without giving it to the user. The asp decides what to do.<BR><BR>Currently I&#039m having it write an &#060;img tag with an onload that invokes a java applet that submits the form and goes to that page.<BR><BR>Since I like being tidy, I&#039m wondering if there&#039s another way anyone knows about.<BR><BR>Thanks in advance.

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    Default RE: hiding an

    What&#039s wrong with using a form? The values are submitted without appearing as a URL and the ASP can pick them up through Request.Form("...")<BR><BR>DM

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    Default i am using hidden forms...

    thank you but I am using a hidden form - I&#039m just looking for a cleaner way to force the submission of the form on an asp page if certain criteria are met- all done absent of the user&#039s input.<BR><BR>The user enters data on Form 1 and submits to &#039fake&#039form 1 Fakeform 1 does some computing and decides to redirect the user to Form 2 - asp in Fakeform1 writes out a hidden form with the data entered in Form 1 and sends it to Form 2 - without the user having to do anything.<BR><BR>I&#039m doing this by having asp in Fakeform1 write a little &#060;img tag with an unLoad="specialsubmit()" event. when the html gets to this image tag it automatically submits the form and redirects to Form 2.<BR><BR>It all works fine but I hate the idea of creating a needless &#060;img tag simply to force the submitevent but know of no otherway to do it. <BR><BR>I can&#039t really hide the onLoad event in the body tag - anything anyone can think of I could do inside the asp to pass the form?<BR><BR>thanks

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