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Thread: Need help with user input into data-entry form,lik

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    Default Need help with user input into data-entry form,lik

    I would like help with creating an input on a data entry form that connects to an Access database. How can I make sure the user enters the correct format for dates, phone numbers, etc like you can in an Access form using Input Mask?<BR>

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    I won&#039t go into all the code because there are many approaches to form validation but go to borders books and look up the book<BR>ACTIVE SERVER PAGES 2.0 UNLEASHED by Steven Walther and friends. Specifically start at page 69, validating form data. Its a great chapter and will take you a long way in controling user input. Good Luck

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    Well, the only way to get the same effect as input masks in Access is to write an ActiveX (IE only) or Java Applet (Almost every browser) that will cause form fields to act the same as those input masks. If this is an intranet then that may be an option, if out on the &#039net I expect that&#039s overkill. So, you&#039re left with server-side validation with any scripting language your web server supports (let them submit and check it on the server, responding with error message pages if it&#039s not correct) or client-side validation with javascript. I&#039ve written somewhat complicated client-side javascript form validation code and it&#039s very tedious but can be made to do whatever you want if you buckle down and stick with it to the bitter end. Some argue that client-side validation allows people to submit un-validated data if people save the source of your form page to their own server then submit it to your server with whatever they want and that&#039s why some prefer server-side validation. I prefer to do client-side validation then check the HTTP_REFERER variable on the server first to make sure the form REALLY came from MY form before processing it. There&#039s a lot of sample javascript form validation code on a number of sites including Netscape&#039s<BR><BR>Happy scripting.

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